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As a national key subject, Polymer Science and Engineering in Sichuan University was firstly found in 1953 by Prof. Xu Xi (Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences). It is also a key subject of “211 Project” and “985 Project”. The college was established as the first college of polymer science and engineering among all the national key universities of China. The college has retained and built upon the strong values of its founders, developing as a national and international institution that is responsive to the needs of contemporary society while remaining consistent with the spirit of its origins.

The college is composed of State Key Laboratory of Polymer Material Engineering, Polymer Research Institute , Institute of Plastics Engineering, four departments (Department of Polymer Materials, Department of Plastics Engineering, Department of Polymer Science, and Department of Iatrical Polymer Material and Artificial Apparatus), and Chemical Fiber Research Center. The research interests include polymer structure and property, synthesis and modification, preparation and molding, and development of new material.

The materials under research include general plastics, special type engineering plastics, compounded materials, functional polymers, natural macromolecules, chemical fibers, iatrical polymer materials, tissue engineering material and artificial apparatus. The college offer 5 majors and concentrations, with degrees from the bachelor’s to the doctorate. Students are involved in research projects and can easily follow their interests from one program to another. Programs were set for both undergraduate and graduate students accredited by ministry of education. In the past 50 years, the college has nurtured nearly 10000 specialized personnel in polymer science and engineering. According to the statistic of the year 2009, enrolled students numbered 2346, including 1634 undergraduates, 440 master degree students, 112 doctoral students, and 160 masters of Engineering.

The college has a competent teaching force. It has a total staff of 174, among whom 1 is academician of Chinese Academy of Science, 2 Cheung Kong Scholars, 2 winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 8 were candidates of “Backbone Teacher” accredited by National Ministry of Education, 38 professors and researchers, 27 tutors of doctor students, 54 are associate professors, senior engineers and senior experimentalist. Besides, 75 of all the teachers have doctorates and 19 are enjoying special government allowances.

The college has great potentiality in scientific research. During the year 2005 to 2009, There are about 100 projects of scientific research of country (including the 863 project, the 973 project, and National Nature Science foundation of China) and province, 12 international programs, 300 projects commissioned by the military and business cooperation have been undertaken and completed, the college was supported with a total of 147 million RMB for scientific research. According to statistics, the college won 11 national and provincial-level S&T incentives, published more than 1500 academic papers (587 are selected by SCI, 669 are selected by EI), have obtained 136 authorized patents(including invention and utility ). The college attaches great importance to academic exchanges and cooperation, have established close ties with many famous domestic and foreign businesses, universities and research institutions, focus on collaborative research and personnel training in the frontier of polymer materials science and engineering.

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